Can sensor be set to work only during night? Thanks

I have a motion senor set in the bath room to turn on the lights when people enters, but it’s annoying to light up during day time. Any way I can set it to work only during night? Also can I set it to dimmer to 20% only during late night and earlier morning? Thanks.

For the first, you can! Here’s how I have mine:

You could replicate this with another automation to your 20%, too, if I’m understanding you correctly.


This can be done easily using WebCore

This is exactly what I have using the standard Smart Lighting SmartApp.

I use 1 smart lighting setup to turn them on at standard power in the evening, and another to turn on at 20% power during the night.

I guess you just need to be careful the time periods dont overlap!

What’s the brand and model of the motion sensor? In most cases you can do this with smartthings, but there are a few devices where the motion sensor is built into the light and it gets more complicated.

Assuming it is one where the motion sensor reports separately from the light, then there are many different ways to do this in smartthings. :sunglasses: some people use modes, some just use time of day… You could use webcore, but it would probably be overkill if this is all that you need.

For example, at my house there is a motion sensor that is triggered when someone enters the bedroom.

During the day, we don’t have it do anything at all.

In the evening, when we use the mode “night,“ Then it will turn on the overhead lights in the bedroom.

Once I go to bed, we have a mode called “asleep” at which point the overhead lights will not turn on, just a soft nightlight on the wall comes on.

And then at 7 AM every day the mode switches back to “home” and again the motion sensor is ignored until the mode switches back to “night” again.

So it’s pretty common to have those kind of controls in place, and again, there are many different ways to do it in smartThings depending on the exact details. But the first question is what is the brand and model of the motion sensor, because that will control what other options are available to you. :sunglasses: