Question for People with GE Z-Wave Motion Sensor Dimmer Switch

For those of you with this switch

Can you set up a schedule for the light using the sensor. I’m aware of the Smartthings Smart Lighting Automation. And what I was wanting to do is set s schedule for the bathroom to turn the lights on max when sensor is tripped from 630am-11pm and then from 11pm-630am if the sensor is tripped on turn likes on 10%

Using the smart automation it looks like I could achive this using an external sensor paired with a GE Z wave non motion sensor switch. I wonder how much the delay is?

The whole point of this switch is that it controls the switch it’s built with. When you say “associated” do you mean in the Z-wave sense? This is z wave plus so group 1 is reserved for lifeline. I don’t know if that switch allows other association groups but if it does then you could, sure. But why not just buy a motion sensor?

Oh there are 2 different Ryans?, in the same thread topic. LOL :slight_smile:

RyanOBrian, I would buy these switches, but ONLY if the sensor and switch can be used independently. As far as I know smartthings has not added functionality for them to be used independently.

Not sure

I agree with you, there are lots of scenarios where I would want to add rules on-top of the sensor to control the switch from the smartthings hub.

@RyanOBrian - I do that with webCore. During the night, I want certain dimmers to turn on at 10% when switched on while I want full brightness during the day.

One issue I have run into in doing so is that the dimmer will first turn on to whatever it was last set, and then go down to the desired value. If you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don’t want to be blinded with 100% light even if for a second or two… The Motion Dimmer, if you are using @MichaelS 's DTH has a setting that allows you NOT to turn on the light when you use the “setLevel” command in webCore. I believe this should allow you to preset the dim level to 10% at a certain time so if the dimmer turns on, it will go directly to 10%.

That is correct!

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I’m missing something very basic with this DTH. After installing the DTH, how do I associate it with the device? I’ll go even s step backward from that - I’m not sure how to even add the device to my hub. Tried while adding a thing to press the buttons of the dimmer like with other GE devices but it’s not detected.

There has been some progress - I’ve succeeded to add the device to the hub. Now I need help on how to associate it to the device handler. Thanks.

It looks like it’s all set. Looking forward to play with this amazing DTH! :slight_smile:

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