Smartthings motion sensor "no motion"

I have a simple automation that turns a light on with movement and then after 10 minutes of “no motion” turns it off. What I have found is that if there is “motion” during the 10 minutes the the 10 minute timer is not reset and the light goes off 10 minutes after the initial " no motion" ,I have other types of sensors that will give a 10 minute period of " no motion" from the last no motion action , is there anything I can do to the Smartthings sensor to get it to work like this.

Hello, @Graham2306

It depends - how did you create the automation?



Hello AlecM,
I created the automation in the Smarthings app.

Hello - I’m assuming you mean ‘Automations’ in the “new” SmartThings app. (Icon is a circle surrounded by 5 other circles).

I just tested an automation with my Samsung Motion Sensor (bought last year - so recent generation) to turn off a light after two minutes no motion - and it worked perfectly. I kept setting off motion again and again - and then stayed away for two minutes and then the light went off. (So Motion sensor: No motion for 2 minutes).

That’s how yours should be working… sorry, that’s not particularly helpful. Maybe take a look at its Activity istory (go to the sensor, and look at “Activity history” ) and see if it’s actually resetting to “No motion” when you expect it to? Good luck!

Yes that is how I would expect it to work , I have looked at the history and the “motion detected” and “no motion” times are as expected.

Try creating your automation using the Smart Lighting SmartApp. I use that scenario in my garage and it works perfectly.

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If you created the rule in the Automation section of the new V3 app the timer DOES NOT reset. It is just that, a timer that counts down to zero. As @HalD said, smart lighting is where you want to create this rule.


Dunno @oldcomputerwiz - I created one and it absolutely resets when another motion happens. Fires exactly x minutes after last reset to no motion, only if no other motion has happened. I tried it a few times (using Automations in new app).

Could it be

  • because I have a V2 hub though using new app? So different behavior on V3 (Though that seems weird).
  • sensor version - mine’s about a year old, though it’s the “new” type - maybe newest version works differently?

Just guessing here.

Anyhow, agree with trying Smart Lighting. Good luck!

Hello, @Graham2306,

Here you’ll find an example of the exact action you want to execute using the Rules API.

Hope this information helps you,

I can get it to work as I want by using an Alexa routine or Smart lighting to turn lights OFF so it must be a bug in v3 Smartthings app.

I’m running into this at a 2nd home of mine so tested it at my home. Only difference is the motion sensor here is a ST. The one at the 2nd is another brand that I pulled over from a wink hub. I’d hazard to guess it’s more an issue with the device handler of the other sensor.