Just Getting Started with Smartthings and Motion Sensors: how to keep the lights from turning off too soon?

So just got this smartthings hub v3 and I’m a little confused by motion lighting…

I set up an automation so that when I walk into my kitchen, it triggers a Wemo light switch, turning on my kitchen lights. I originally set it up so that after 10 minutes the lights would automatically turn off. I assumed if the motion sensor detected motion before the 10 minutes were up, this 10 minute “countdown” would reset and start over again. I was wrong.

I then set up 2 seperate automations. One that turns on the lights in the kitchen. The other waits for 10 minutes of no motion before it turns off the kitchen lights. Same result as before. I’ll be working in the kitchen and the lights will turn off and the only way to get them to come back on would be to wait for whatever the cooldown is or manually turn on the light switch…

What am I missing here. If the motion sensor detects me, I want the lights to stay on…

You should only need one automation and it should reset the 10 minutes each time it detects motion. I have the same thing working for over a year now.

Delete both of them and recreate just one…it should work.

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I’ve got a SmartThings v2 hub and SmartThings multipurpose sensor in my garage. Control is via the Smart Lighting app. It’s set to turn on when motion starts and off 5 minutes after motion stops.

The light stays on as long as I’m in the garage and turns off only after 5 minutes of no motion being sensed.

Are you using Smart Lighting to control the light or something else?

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Hal nailed it. I created a “custom” automation, instead of using the smart lights app. I deleted the previous automations and used the smart lights app and they now work as intended. Thanks for the push. Been looking for ideas for around the house as well. Enjoying the learning process.


How would this be configured?

I have a 2nd generation Iris motion Sensor in my laundry room, and 2 Sylvania smart bulbs in the light fixture. I want the bulbs to come on when the motion detector senses motion and to turn off maybe 5 minutes after motion stops.

What SmartThings App are you using?

I prefer the Classic App.

You can use SmartLighting. It’s simple enough to not need detail instructions.

However, I am a big fan of webCoRE. It’s a custom rule app and is simple enough to understand but complex enough for most advanced automations.

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Classic App and SmartLighting.

I haven’t configured any actions iwth motion sensors yet so the reason I ask is just to get a feel for what I am doing…

Smart Lighting is the way to go.

It’s available in both apps and shares info so there won’t be conflicts or issues if the Classic app ever does go away.

Also, Smart Lighting runs locally on the hub

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I know this topic is a little old, but I think my issue is related to this and would love some input from the community.
I’m having issues with my lights using motion to turn them on with Automations. I’m trying to convert my Smart Lighting app Automations to “Automations” in the new Smartthings app.
I have a senor in my kitchen and when motion is triggered the lights are turning on but frequently we’l be standing in the kitchen making dinner and the lights will go off and not come back on. I have the Automation set to turn the lights after 10 minutes, but it’s not working.
Should I not switch my routines from the Smart Lighting app to Routines?
Is the Smart Lighting app going to continue to exist for the foreseeable future?

No, SmartLighting works great and can run certain automations locally.

Yes, it’s not going anywhere.

There is also webCoRE that seems like it’s going to be around for a while as well.

There’s just too many bugs in the New App automation engine. Yuk. :man_facepalming:t5:

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