Automated Lights Based on Motion

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I recently migrated to the V2 and in the process I have added a few motion sensors. I have an issue with using this in my kitchen where there is frequent foot traffic. I have the smart lighting app set to turn on the lights based on motion and then turn them off 10 minutes after motion ceases. However, this causes a problem in the below scenario:

  1. Motion Detected - Lights Turn On
  2. Motion Stops - 10 Minute Timer Starts
  3. Motion Starts in Less Than Ten Minutes - Timer is not turned off
  4. Lights Turn off while motion is detected

What can I do make the countdown timer restart anytime new motion is detected so the lights do not turn off while we are in the room. It is pretty frustrating and defeats the purpose of automated lights.

Open a ticket with support, or just get in line of people who are waiting for the fix. Alternatively, you can use a different app while ST fixes Smart Light app. Lighting Director, which can be found in Marketplace under “Lights & Switches” handles motion pretty well. There are other apps running wild in the community too…

Something to look into to fix it now:

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Thanks for the reply. I hope this Lighting Director works better than the “Smart” Lighting. It boggles my mind that the community solves these issues (which should never be an issue in the first place) faster than the Smartthings employees. However, I will say that is the great thing about Smartthings, there is always an answer to a problem.

They just pushed a new Smart Lighting…Close App and restart, you will notice the icon changed …

It looks like the icon has changed but my kitchen lights are doing the same thing. They shut off on us in the middle of movement.

We may not see a fix for this any time soon…

Ahhh, man, how much effort can it be? We’re talking about 5 or 6 lines of code.

I’d be so embarrassed by this sort of flaw that I’d work non-stop to fix it. This is their V2 show piece, Smart Lights, and it doesn’t work? After how many weeks? Nonsense!

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My ticket was closed a week after v2 launch with the explanation that the bug exists and that it was escalated to engineers to be fixed.

Anyone find this is better? I have tried another lighting app and it is still happening. I had friends over last night and it was very embarrassing that the lights kept shutting off on us in the living room.

The answer from @SBDOBRESCU (Lighting Director) has been working well for me. The lights have not turned off on me while the room is occupied. But they turn off once we leave the room, just like they are suppose to.

Glad you mentioned my name, I actually ran into problems with Lightning Director too. I am using @bravenel 's app now in the most sensitive places. The app is also mentioned above.

Here is a link to another app that may be more appropriate for a living room where people may not move as often to keep the motion going. This app has an option to temporary disable the motion to avoid embarrassing moments when you have guests and the lights go off

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