Motion timer does not reset by "Motion"

When I create a simple automation routine (with the new SmartThings app and standard Automation on a V3 hub), to turn light on when there is motion, and turns off after 10 mins of ‘no motion’ , it seems that this timer does not get reset every time motion is activated from the motion sensor. This causes the light to turn off after 10 mins, even if there is motion in the room within this time period.
This automation is a quite basic one, so I’m a bit surprised that this does not work. If I search in this forum, I can see that other people are having the same issue, and the only solution is to create the automation in the “Smart Lighting” SmartApp. What I don’t like with this solution, is that it’s cloud based, and not handled local in the bridge. It also seems that the problem only persists in the V3 hub (but I’m not sure).
I’ve tried with an IKEA Motion Sensor and a new SmartThings motion sensor, and the result is exactly the same. And from a logical perspective, the brand/model of motion sensor is irrelevant.

I agree that the automation needs to be a little smarter and I’d like to see what is actually setup… Maybe it can be optimized. Post it and everyone can take a look…

Thag said, Smartlighting is a better solution BECAUSE it is the ONLY smartapp that runs locally IF all participating devices are using Locally running devices (you can determine if a particular device you have is local or cloud by checking in the IDE.)

OK, I wasn’t aware that ‘Smart Lighting’ runs locally. That is new info for me! :upside_down_face:

But I’m pretty sure, that the “standard” automations can be optimized easily… and it SHOULD be. :slight_smile:

Yep. I use smartlighting for all my ‘refrigerator door’ style closet lighting for this reason. Open door = lights on. Keep the devices to stock DTHs and voila. Works even offline.


It’s not a hub issue. It happens across all the hub versions.