Motion Sensors start acting weird when battery hits 30%

Has anyone else noticed that when the battery % gets around 30% & below the the motion sensor says that it sees motion all the time but it’s really not. I’ve had 2 of my motion sensor that have gotten down to around 30% on the battery & the lights tide to the motion were constantly staying on! I would change the battery out and everything would go back to normal. Weird! I believe the motion sensors are reporting the wrong battery %.

What brand and model?

Smarthings brand. Not sure of the model number but I’m pretty sure it’s the newest model.

Hello @Eric_Branch

Replacing battery and adding again the device should solve this.

Please, take a look here:


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Are you using regular batteries or rechargeables?

CR-2477 battery

This is very known. Also they are super sensitive to battery brand as well. Once it gets to the point where you are, nearly constant motion…thats pretty much meaning the battery is dead. The percentage reporting is so bad, and has always been. I usually ignore the battery level reporting until it gets to this point of constant motion…sucks but just seems to be the way it is.