Smartthings Button not connected locally to hub

Hi Smartthings Community,

I would like to seek help regarding my smartthings button. I recently re-installing my smartthings button(IM6001-BTP18) to smartthings hub (IM6001-V3P). But, when I check the connection status of the device to my hub it was cloud connected. What I also notice is, that my hub doesn’t have a zigbee button driver. Whenever I add the button to my hub, it automatically installing the zigbee button driver. I try to change it to smartsense button driver hoping it will connect locally. But, still the connection is through cloud. Plus, the button didn’t function as well. Maybe you guys can give me an advice on how to sort out this issue.

I believe that is the button that has been migrated to an Edge driver. If so it will be running locally as it can’t run anywhere else and anything the IDE says to the contrary should be ignored.

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Hi Graham,

Thank you so much for your advise. I will just ignore now the IDE and install the rest of my buttons to my hub.


If the device has Placeholder in IDE when you install it, then it would be using an Edge driver. Do not modify Placeholder to a groovy device handler as the device will no longer work. For the device you added and modified the type, you will need to remove it and add it back. You can ignore any data you see or do not see for Edge drivers in IDE.

Yeah, the IDE is yesterday, Edge is tomorrow, and for today, it can get pretty confusing. :thinking:

This might help:

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?