Smartthings Mode Not Showing in Arlo App?

Arlo Pro 2 Camera’s and base station.
My Arlo system and Smartthings systems have worked great together for the last couple of years. When they forced me to the new Smartthings App (whick I hate by the way) away from the classsic app, nothing seemed to work anymore. I did a reset of Smartthings and started over. Then did a reset of my Arlo base station and added my 3 camera’s back. I added my camera’s back to Smartthings, and they show in the app, but the Smartthings mode never came back to Arlo? Can I add a new mode myself or will that not work the same as the apps adding it themselves? Thanks in advance.

Check out this thread. You are apparently on the new Arlo Schema because you reset everything.

Thanks for the info. It’s been a couple months it hasn’t worked guess I can wait a bit longer. Thanks