SmartThings Mobile [No carrier NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV] Canada

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

As the title states, I’m unable to install the SmartThings Mobile App on my NVIDIA Shield, which I assume is presumably due to a region restriction as technically the device is only available in the US. Was hoping someone might know of a work-around that would allow me to install the app.

The Shield runs Android, right? Does it allow “install apps from unknown sources”?

@625alex has one… Don’t know if he’s tried ST App on it yet (we’re testing ActionTiles on it…).

NVIDIA SHIELD is officially available in Canada.

I have not tried to install ST mobile app on it, but since SHIELD is running Android TV flavor, some apps might not be compatible or available via Google Play.

Installing from source might work, but I doubt ST Mobile app will give you a good user experience on TV.

Isn’t there a custom SmartThings App that comes with the SmartThings Link USB dongle?

I should have played around a bit more at the Samsung Developers Conference with the sample Shield & Link. I found it confusing and didn’t persist.

This should help you out

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There is a special App in the Play Store…

But, doh! … it’s for setup only!

This worked. I downloaded the Smartthings APK and installed it via ES File Explorer.

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I have the SmartThings USB Dongle for the shield. I was just having an issue getting the SmartThings App through the Playstore since it’s not officially supported in Canada yet, but was able to download and install the APK as an unknown source which solved the problem.

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What’s the App like on a big screen?

I misunderstood your original question, but now I’m going through the same thing when I’m actually trying to setup ST Link with Shield TV.

Yes, the ST app does not appear on Google Play store for Canadian users. Grrrr!

Where did you find the APK to install it manually?

I am trying to do the same thing but he App is not showing up on my Shield, nor my phone. I can see it on my laptop but it wont download to any of my devices as it says that they are not compatible. If I could get it on my phone it would be easy to use the APK App to send it to my shield. Anyone gotr any suggestions how us Canadians can get this working?

Nvidia launched it for the US only, so they wouldn’t have uploaded the app for Canada in the Play store.

You download the APK using your PC or phone (“smartthings apk mirror”) and then transfer it to your Shield and install it. That is what I did, though I’ve heard if you create a US Google account, the app can be installed through the US Play store, as the device will take you directly to the app.