SmartThings Nvidia TV link

Great I got the SmartThings Nvidia TV link to Denmark and now the app is not available in my country

  • Anyone have a work around ?

Change yr App Store region

How… ? I tried ipvanish. then I tried changing my billing on google play to US and reseting location on the Nvidia shield…

Could you link to a how-to or give me short description ?

I’m in Canada and it’s not yet available here either, but I was able to download the software on my desktop from, then using ES Explorer, browse to my network folder and install it.

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Very nice rdekoing11 - That solved all my problems :+1:

Question - As Alexa is only available as beta in Scandinavia would downloading a alexa .apk allow me to install a fully functioning Alexa and in that case which .apk should I get?

Also any additional .apk source recommendations ?

Sorry not familiar with Alexa.