Smartthings Leak Sensors going off and on-line

Is anyone else’s Smartthings Leak Sensors going on and offline? Since last night I’ve been getting constant notifications on my phone of the sensors going offline and a little while later, back online. What’s going on?

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i dont have any leak sensors but a few contact sensors do the same thing all the time .

not seeing a generalized problem with leak sensors of multiple types qty7, in USA.

I HAVE seen a similar problem off/on-line many times with zigbee CO/gas sensors, but not sure if the devices themselves may be self-expiring from old age, or if Smartthings device support is migrating unannounced, or what. I am adding new sensors and I have not drawn any conclusions.

I have a Smartthings zigbee motion sensor that will go offline and requires a reset to get it back. Pull battery and hold button for 4 seconds, then put battery back. I have other motions sensors include a Smartthings motion sensor don’t go offline.

I also have a Aqara leak sensors that goes offline and it is difficult to get it back online. Basically it needs to be deleted and re-added.

I have other Aqara leak sensors that will go offline but I only need to press the button on top to get them back. Sometimes they will come back on their own.

Today, I did notice that 4 zigbee bulbs are offline. however, I can still control them. It looks like there maybe some disconnect on status of some devices and the Smartthings UI. Shortly after I changed the brightness, the bulbs were back online.

I have three Iris motion sensors that have been dropping offline every few days since moving to Edge drivers. Half the time a simple battery pull will bring them back online and the rest of the time it’s like they have reset themselves (blue LED on battery insert and I have to add them back using the ST app). I have two Iris contact sensors with the same problem but they doesn’t go offline consistently like the motion sensors. Notably, in all cases, after they report offline in the ST app for a while they then show online again (but they are not without the intervention mentioned above).

I’m having a hard time believing it’s hardware failure on the sensors.

Something weird is still going on. Late last night and this morning a couple of leak sensors again went off/online, as well as my hub. Never had this happen before.

Yes, for about a week now. varies leak sensors, but its only the ones in the kitchen under the dishwasher. in total i have about 50 leak sensors! :laughing:

maybe they are doing some kind of backend maintenance and possibly testing.

Yes, my Zooz water leak sensor has gone off/on several times in the last 2 weeks. It seems like it goes off for a few days, then comes back on. Can not figure out why it is doing this.