SmartThings Leak Sensor humidity/moisture issues?

Hi! Please point me to a proper thread if this has already been covered.

Is it possible that my sensor could be detecting moisture in the concrete. It has alerted twice in the last 5 months, with no water around. I keep it near my sump pump. I am wondering if anyone has had this issue or think this might be a fluke, and how they may have solved it? We have had recently and I do live in an area where the water table is higher.


no - the contacts have to conduct, which they won’t without some puddled water to work with.

Yes, I’ve had a couple that false-reported. Both Zwave and sound-only.

Try a different one.

Thank you. I will put another one down there and see what happens. Either way, it at least let’s me know when there is water. It just might be a pain if it happens when I am at work and have to rush home.