First Setup - Moisture Sensor not alerting

Hey all,

I set up my new Samsung Hub. Easy enough. Connected a leak sensor. No problem there. However, when I stuck the sensor on a plate of water (and can see the red light on the device indicating moisture) - my app looks just fine on my phone. :frowning: No alert, just a green dot saying ‘ok’. It’s been in the water now for about 10 minutes.

Is there something I am missing?

thx in advance.

Have you tried deleting the device and re-adding it? I had a similar issue with a different Zigbee device.

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I hadn’t, but that did work. Thank you very much! :smile:


Wondering if this will work to STOP THE NOTIFICATIONS ? My PEQ moisture sensors came this morning , both paired fine as ST moisture sensors and I set them up. I licked my finger and put it across the contacts to test wet/dry during the device setup. Put the first one under the Kitchen sink and the second under the washer in the basement.
Now I am getting SMS and push notifications every hour reminding me that the sensor was wet at 11:53 this morning.
When I open the device the only edit option is to (de)select the siren. I can’t even find the app listed in my list of apps that I set up the push/sms notifications in when I added the devices.

Did you check Smart Home Monitor?

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Thanks, I don’t actually use SHM, so never even go to that dashboard. Sure enough there is was flashing red. At least I stopped the SMS notifications before the wife got home ( or I am assuming I did by dismissing in SHM, guess I’ll know for sure in 17 minutes ( when the next hours is up))