Got my Konnected kit up and running tonight. WOO HOO.

Also got Alexa to let me know if my front door is open…if it’s unlocked, etc.

The problem is this:

In Alexa, I have two devices (Front Door open/closed sensor, and Front Door Lock) both called Front Door. This makes sense from a voice command perspective. The thought is that I’d be able to talk to Alexa as follows:

Alexa, Is my front door open?
Alexa, Is my front door locked?

This does not work as Alexa complains with the following:

“I found more than one device with the name front door”

Now I can get it to work if I call my lock: “Front Door Lock”. Problem is I have to ask Alexa:

Alexa, Is my Front Door Lock Locked?

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks in advance!

My solution to this is, in Smartthings, to have a simulated contact sensor called “front door”. It combines the front door lock and the front door sensor into one, from a logical perspective. That is the item that is used in Alexa.

If the door is closed but not locked, then “front door” shows as open.
If the lock is locked but the door not closed, then “front door” shows as open.

Only if the actual contact is closed and the lock is locked does “front door” show to Alexa as closed.