Are my doors closed and locked?

I have three doors (front, side and back). All three doors have contact sensors and Schlage door locks. I can check any one lock/sensor using Alexa. example: “Alexa, Is the front door locked?” or “Alexa, Is the front door closed?”. Please note that a door can be open with the deadbolt in the locked position (not desirable).
Is there a way I can setup to check all three doors to make sure they are closed and locked and then tell me or am I expecting too much from all this?

Well, Routines in ST are triggered by events, so you need some event (or reason) for the Routine to run. That could be a specific time of the day, another device changes state, etc. Also, how do you want to be notified; push notification, SMS message, email, Alexa speaking, etc?

If you would like to use Alexa to trigger the check, I think I would create a virtual momentary button (set to auto-revert state) in ST that can be used as the trigger for ST Routines. I would then have 3 Routines in ST, one for each door and lock, that is used to check the lock and door sensor state as follows:

If LockX is locked (pre-condition)
DoorX sensor is closed (pre-condition)
Virtual button is closed
Notify someone (Push/text/play message) “Door X is closed and locked”

Then in Alexa, I would use a routine that uses voice to trigger the virtual button to close:

When you say “Check doors”
Close virtual button

There are obviously various permutations of the ST Routines you could write that would be able to tell you a door is unlocked and closed or the door is open, but the lock is in the locked position. In general, you are going to need multiple ST Routines to check the various states and something to trigger.

The other option you might consider is using a 3rd party rules engine like that provides a more robust rules language and flow where you should probably be able to create a single rule flow to check all 3 doors. Sharptools runs in the cloud so it is dependent on Internet connectivity and some of its features required paying for their premium service.