Ask Alexa vs SmartThings Alexa Skill with door locks

I recently installed a door lock and was able to add everything to smartthings and ask Alexa. I can control the lock by saying “Alexa ask smartthings to lock the front door”. I then added the lock into the Alexa app and when I try to issue the command “Alexa, lock the front door” I get “Sorry locking isn’t support on this device.”

For reference I can control all my other devices directly (“Turn on the living room lights”) or through ask Alexa (“Tell smartthings to turn on the living room lights”).

Is there something I am missing that is special about door locks? For reference I have a Schlage connect lock.


you wouldn’t want your door locks being unlocked by someone from the outside, would you? i think locks are “special” but others here, much smarter than me, can probably provide you the specifics as to how or why

Alexa (the native app) blocks certain commands as part of it’s ‘security’. However, Ask Alexa will allow opening/closing/locking/unlocking of doors/locks. You can even put in a PIN if you want that extra layer of security. Be warned, however, that any system that works can be ‘gamed’ and in theory, someone COULD yell in your Window the commands to unlock the door. As I say in the Ask Alexa instructions…be holistic with your home automation system…get sensors and cameras so you can ensure you have a safe home…just don’t use it to lock doors :slight_smile:

I had this happen too. I deleted the lock and re-added it. Took a bit of back & forth but Alexa will now lock the door. She will not unlock it.

The first thing I did after setting this up was disable the ability to unlock through Alexa for that exact reason! That opens up all kinds of problems. I started working on another device and added and and rediscovered them and everything seems to work now. I hate not understanding why, but I’ll take it!