Smartthings Keywe handling with Device Handler not working

I’m pretty new to Smartthings but I acquired it as my Keywe smartlock needed it to detect manual and code based entry. Once I got it i found I need the Rboy Universal … Lock Device Handler which I purchased and then installed. Unfortunately it still doesn’t seem to provide the most basic info (battery reads 0%, i get the crossed out cloud for lock state and every thing else on the display when i select the device. I did see some activity when I select Events so I guess that’s something. Is anyone able to suggest things I might try to get it working properly? I’m also trying support but thinking someone here may have had a similar issue.

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I believe is Maddie has responded to your email and is working with you on this. It sounds like the lock isn’t responding to the the hub. If you’re still running into issues after following her suggestions feel free to PM me and I can take a look at it also.

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Hi @RBoy - thanks for getting back. I haven’t heard from @maddie yet but will follow up when I do.