Kwikset 916 Lock user management smartapp needed

Can someone share which smartapps it’s currently working for pins and user management.

I’ve tried *Rboy lock multi user management I also tried ethayers user lock manager but no luck with either. I cannot setup new user pins with either of them.

Lock Code Manager is awesome, are you using a custom device driver for the lock? this could also be an issue with the ST platform right now.

Have you looked at like logging and see if there are any errors. Lock Code Manager support in the thread is top notch.

edit: did not notice that he already tired lock code manager.

Are you currently using a kwikset 916 lock? if yes what are you using to manage it.

SmartThings will likely have to work out the setCode() command for the 916 on their own.

My app is strictly working with that command and interfaces with the lock in a smart way by remembering which codes are set and unset, then working with setCode() command and then changing codes from that information. (long story short)

If it also doesn’t work with Rboy’s code, I bet it’s an issue with that command and general lack of support for the device by SmartThings.