Smartthings keep notifying to verify samsung A/C device (just a specific one)

I have 5 room air conditioner units, all mono split, 3 of them with 3 years, 2 recent ones with just 4 months.
these are all with wifi function, all connected to smarthings on my phone.
when installing these 2 new units recently, I was forced to update the smarthings app, as it was not recognizing them.
From that day onwards, I keep receiving notifications frequently ( many times several each day)to verify one of the older units… but once I do it, nothing is detected… and seems to work without any problem…
this is driving me crazy… even more because just started after app update in September
any hints on how to solve it ?

only two suggestions I can think of:

  • if android, clear app cache
  • uninstall/reinstall the app

but for all I know, it could make things worse so I recommend contacting ST support to report this issue and see what they recommend.

in the app, go to Menu and choose Contact us… send logs when requested

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I cleared the cache yesterday after your message… so far, so good…let’s hope it keeps like this
Thanks !

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