SmartThings is part of Android OS?

I just got a new tablet and upgraded to Android 8. I noticed that it has an app on it called Smartthings. I figured it must have downloaded it from google play, But there’s no way to delete it or disable it. It keeps telling me I have to give it access to my system, all my contacts, etc. But my phone is my Smartthings controller. The tablet is never going to be used for that. What’s going on with this app and how do I tell it to go away?

Samsung tablet?

yes, galaxy tab s3. i found that i coud turn off all the permssions, deny it access to everthing, but it seems like it keeps getting turned back on. i also deleted all the data.

It’s a Samsung thing. It comes with all their tablets and phones and you can’t remove it without rooting your phone and completely deleting it.

Is it going to keep turning itself back on? Will it interfere with Smartthings on my phone?

Guess that means I won’t be getting a Samsung phone or tablet.

I hate bloatware. Moto X has been my favorite phone for years (nearly as clean as a Nexus…).


I think those are baked into all Samsung devices. I have the new app on my Galaxy S9.

Just leave it alone. Don’t start it or try to use it. Just use the Classic app.

Mine has not caused a single issue. It’s like I don’t even know its there.


I sincerely hope Google bring wireless charging back into their phone line for the Pixel 3… My Nexus 4 was glorious, the Nexus 5 was the pinnacle but I skipped it thinking of getting the replacement for the Nexus 5… then they stopped including wireless charging into it and gave a bunch of BS excuses as to why it didn’t have it, heck even iPhones have it now…

It was at that point I bought the only other ~5" phone at the time that did have it, a Samsung Galaxy S6. Beautiful hardware…absolutely ruined by the bloatware and “TouchWiz”. I get it, there was a time when Android’s interface was dreadful, it NEEDED skinning because it was so bad. Since about Android 5 though, it hasn’t been needed, just give us stock Android.

I really hope the Pixel 3 has wireless charging…

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Thanks, everybody. Mostly I was worried about it fighting for control so as long as it behaves itself I’m okay with it.

I just bought a Galaxy S9 from Verizon and it came with Smartthings (Samsung Connect) and once I installed the Classic app I was able to remove the new app by just uninstalling it.

I used SABS (check out the article explaining how to install and how it taps into Samsung’own KNOX software) to actually remove all of the unnecessary bloatware that came on my Galaxy Note 8. Free and no root required!

Another no-root option is the Package Disabler Pro app (find in Play Store), with which you can disable (but not remove) the bloatware. It’s not free, but it works well and it’s fairly simple to use.

Why do you need to install an app to disable stuff? I was able to disable all of the annoying apps I didn’t want right in the settings…

SABS is no longer available:

You can still find it online, if you were so inclined. There’s also a similar app called AdHell 3.

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You can have SmartThings apps both old and new on more than one phone or device…