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How do I remove Smart Things from my phone?

Not sure I understand, you want to remove the SmarThings app?

You can delete the app the same way you delete any other app on your phone.

Unless maybe you have a Samsung phone that they preload the app onto? Not sure the deal with that.

Because I never use it. it’s is constantly updating, using up data. I’m constantly trying to stop it. It restarts. I have nothing connected to it. Don’t want it on my phone. Yet I’m spending time managing the system. How do I remove it from my phone? Samsung 9.

Steve Jaworski

How do you remove any of the bloatware Samsung pre-loads onto your phone?

Since this is a forum for SmartThings users, there are probably very few people here that deleted the SmartThings app from their Samsung phone.

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It won’t let me delete. I uninstall it and it automatically comes back. I can’t disable it. I can force stop it, but it resets itself. Any suggestions? This has become a big waste of my time.

Steve Jaworski

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I definitely think this is a valid question.

But the best place to get an answer? …

Agreed. Or maybe whatever tech support group is assigned to Samsung phones. This is a Samsung phone question, not a SmartThings question.



Thanks for your help. I’m just having a real difficult time finding the answer. Appreciate it the effort though!

Steve Jaworski

Worst case, goto Apps on your phone and select the app, remove all permissions, clear the cache from it, delete data and then Force stop it. The app will not run if you do all of this (espcially if it can’t access Contacts).

And then delete the shortcut from your phone and don’t attempt to open it up again front the main apps menu.

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I’m having the same Problem snd removing permissions doesn’t work either.

After a little while they are automatically reenabled.

Samsung is extremely aggressive in pushing the Galaxy store, bidby and games, so much so, that I’m done with Samsung phones