Samsung tablet compatibility

Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) 8" model. The Smartthings app is not compatible in the google app store. I’ve also had no luck trying to sideload it as it fails to update “Samsung Connect” app. Is there any way to get smartthings on this tablet?

Tried version 10 and 9 APKs.

It’s really weird to me that I can use it on an iPhone but not a Samsung product.

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I have a similar frustration with my Samsung TV. It’s a new enough model to show up in the ST app with an offer to connect it, but just one model too early for the connection to actually work lol.

Tried side loading too. No go. Tried to return tablet…sorry out of 14 day window… .going to use actiontiles.

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I have the original Samsung Galaxy Tab S1 which is over five years old running Android version 6 Marshmallow and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Both Samsung tablets run the new SmartThings Connect app just fine. However, I used the Samsung app store, not Google Play, to load the new SmartThings app on my older S1 tablet, but the new app came preloaded on the Tab S6.

Smartthings doesn’t even show up in Android 9 galaxy app store.


I don’t think that it’s Android 9. What model tablet do you have? I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1 (2019) running Android 9.0 that came pre-loaded with the new app. Works well on this device.

I’ll take a look when I get home later. Maybe screen resolution?

I really don’t know. My tablet is 1200x1920 if that is of any assistance though.

Sm_T290 is the model number of tablet

Galaxy tab s3 runs it just fine, FWIW.

That’s the Tab A (2019) 8" version.

A quick look shows your resolution at 1280x800 (1280x1920 in 10” version) and a quad core processor (instead of the octa core processor in the 10" version). Those are the 2 things, other than the actual display size, that popped out to me.

Thanks, I’ve called and chatted with Samsung. They tell me sorry. And I’m out of 14 day return window. Thinking of using action tiles.

Would recommend it, regardless. We have 3 tablets around the house using AT with FKB, and between those, a few buttons and the Alexa’s, we rarely use the app.

Can you turn Smart apps on/off from At? I have a smartapp for my fireplace and turn it on when in the living room and off otherwise.

From the app requirements on the Google Play store

Oh well, I have bought a Galaxy Tab A 8" just for controlling lights and keep it there for everyone to use.
I guess I have to send it back and buy an iPad Mini.

Sincerely, I find this limit on the Android app hard to understand, how it is possible that I can run any complex app but this? It seems to me poor development choices.


Amen to that. Google Play Store doesn’t even show the new app from my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019). Now I need to go to the pawn shop and buy an older, less powerful tablet to run the NEW SAMSUNG APP on, because my NEW SAMSUNG TABLET isn’t capable or compatible to do so. My iPhone still runs both Classic and the new app, so maybe I can just keep doing all my setup/config on that. I sure won’t be upgrading to the new Galaxy S20 from the iPhone like I had planned to.

Just how old, slow and back version of Android OS does it need to be so it can run the new Android version of the Samsung Connect app?


I have the same issue. Samsung Tab A 8" 2019 Android 10 (newer than my phone) and the app is not compatible. Go figure!

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I also bought the tablet for the purpose of using the SmartThings app. I am able to use the new SmartThings app on all my other Samsung devices but this one. It makes no sense that Samsung develops a new tablet that won’t be able to use son of its own software apps. I have to be missing something here. Please tell me it will be available soon especially before they discontinue the classic app.

I can’t believe this is the case. I also bought this tablet exclusively to run Smartthings. What is the problem with this tablet SM-T290 that Smartthings doesn’t like? And why does Smartthings classic run perfectly on it? Samsung better fix this before shutting the classic version down.

Are there no workarounds? Root, different ROM, force changing/faking the resolution?

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