SmartThings is a mess

Since this week i’m having troubles with SmartThings.
Don’t know if it’s the update. But devices do not respond, go offline.

I’ve been trying z-wave repaires, exclusion and Inclusion for HOURS…
But all solutions were temporary.

So i took the guts to do a full factory reset.
Since you’ll have to begin from scratch again, iT would work right?
Added a few devices to see how thinks go, went okay for approx 12hours.
…again devices offline and sometimes screens won’t load…

I have a hub V2 UK, firmware 20.017 living in the Netherlands

Zwave devices brands Fibaro and qubino (with custom handlers from this forum)

Do you Guys have an idea or tip or tricks that might work?


Start by looking at your DTHs you have installed in IDE. Read this post…

If you have the WebCORE presence sensor installed, update it in ide.

Also read through the iOS or Android threads for 2.14

Hopefully, this will get you started with resolving your issue. And contact ST support :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, device handlers are okay have checked the code and are Made by erocm123 (well known for good handlers)

And since i begun from scratch (clean install, even Made new Samsung account)
So neither webcore or other SmartApps were installed.

Also Made a support ticket :slight_smile:

So fingers crossed…
Have also looked for other options like HASS or openhab2 but SmartThings still is my favorite pick

Another option to look at…

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