SmartThings iOS update 1.6.76 (January 5, 2022)

New update …………………….

I got it yesterday.

It does appear to have fixed the constant nag to accept a new privacy notice. Maybe it has fixed the log out issues others have reported.

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I was going to wait for more feedback before installing, but what the hell, it can’t get any worse…

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Oh, it can…:disappointed_relieved:


And usually does.


I’ve had to resign in every day on my iPad.

Strange that My iPhone is not having the same issue.

Both running the latest os

Problem is not fixed with the latest update.

I did get a reply from Support that it’s a known issue.

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Lol well as long as they know about it, I feel better!

This is not a dig at you but did they give any indication they were working on it? Or was it really just “oh yeah, that, we know all about that” ??

From their email, for what it’s worth:

“With regards to your concern, we would like to inform you that we have reviewed your issue and would like to inform you that this is an ongoing issue also our internal team is working to resolve this.”


Don’t get too excited that it will be fixed any time soon…

Totally agree.

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They’ve got to consider moving some people from Edge development and connected refrigerators over to the app software interface. There’s too much work on the back end with not enough work on the front end to access it.

And this new iOS update still does not include the device ICON set(s) that are available on the Android version of the SmartThings app.

I feel lucky: this update finally enabled the “you have no devices” bug. Was waiting on that one.

A quick force close and open brought them all back, but the sheer lack of any backup system (especially with Z-Wave’s including / exclusion per device) is always harrowing.

Why do we SmartThings users have the worst bits of the cloud (latency, downtime) but none of the benefits (redundant backups, restore after reset)?

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Hi has anyone noticed that with the new update that the option to set a specific color temperature or dimmer level inside of a scene is no longer present. We are now forced to use the slider and can in no way get exactly 2700 temp in my case.

Also noticed that none of my messages other than the smart guest access are being stored in the app when they come from WeBcOrE. Under the notifications in the app, it shows there are new ones but it doesn’t list them only listing the smart lock guest access notifications. The filter is set to show everything but it doesn’t.

In both of these issues I’m using IOS and I noticed that they are not a problem on my iPad running Smartthings app version 1.6.69-546. It seems like something happened in updates between 1.6.69 and 1.6.76

In Android when using the slider click on the number and a screen will pop up to type in the number you want.
Don’t know is iOS is the same.

In IOS it used to work that way. If you press on the numbers it should open a box to type in. It used to do that, somewhere in the last update or two it stopped working. My iPad is still on iOS Smartthings version 1.6.69-546 and it works fine.