SmartThings iOS app update 1.7.10 (December 12, 2023)

new iOS update today


At least they fixed the Hub’s Zigbee Secure Mode toggle so it now shows the correct status of the Hub’s Zigbee Secure Mode now.


tv calibration still missing

i have an iphone 15 pro and ofcourse support states that it is not supported yet.
however my iphone XS with faceid does not work either.

i am starting to beleive they have problems with ios 17

have you reported the problem to ST support?

I doubt it is related to iOS 17

for the iphone15 i have reported and got the reply that it is not supported(easy answer)
for the iphonexs i also reported it and now they want me to report it again with a lot of info

Sorry, but if i need to tell them now why a 5 year old phone(which is still fully supported) is still not working then you do not understand the term support.

they should just make it happen, it is an iphone which use ios17(like al ot off other phones)
they use the front camera and that part did not change a lot in generations iphones

I was just posting to someone else… post a review on the app store and post on the Samsung Community forum. You will bring more attention to the issue.


good thought.

the reason i am reacting the way i did is that this is a really old issue which still troubles a lot of people
all with phones which are fully supported but do not work somehow
i even read reports odf people complaining why a SAMSUNG phone is missing the calibration option
when you have complete contyrol over the eco system everything should be working smoothly

3 weeks ago at our vacation home my iPhone 15 pro max would not work but wife’s iPhone 14pro did work. I think it gave me the pro option first time but now only basic is available. I will check to version this week to see if 14pro still works and anything new with iphone 15.