Smart Calibration and Camera Sharing Disabled (Greyed out) for Samsung TVs

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I just purchased Samsung Neo QLED 8K 85” (85QN800B) TV and set it up using SmartThings App on iPhone 14 Pro Max. My iOS version is 17.2.1 and SmartThings version is which are the latest as of today. The TV is also on its latest firmware.

This TV comes with features of Smart Calibration and Camera Sharing. Camera Sharing allows to use your phone camera or supported USB camera to use as web-cam. These both features requires both TV and Phone to be on same network to work.

I have my TV and Phone connected to the same 2.4GHz Wifi. When I open the SmartThings App and select my TV, Both Smart Calibration and Camera Sharing options are disabled (greyed out). When I Tap on them, it shows error saying

To use this function, check that your TV and mobile are on the same network.

I tried resetting and troubleshooting with Samsung support team but nothing worked. Any help would be appreciated.

Attached are the screenshots.


This is probably your problem. I’m guessing this is a Samsung Galaxy-only feature.

It used to work with an iPhone, but you had to go through a QR code step. That’s detailed on the following support page, but I don’t know if it still works.

(Also, the iPhone had to support airplay 2.)

Not sure if that’s relevant to the issues that you’re seeing (I’m just another customer), but it’s something to try. :man_shrugging:t2:

It looks like the OP phone meets the requirements for calibration

  • iPhone products released after January 2019 and with Face ID function.

To be honest, it’s probably yet another iOS app bug.

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Tried the steps mentioned in the link provided by @JDRoberts above but it didn’t work either. I can confirm I have latest firmware in the tv and iOS so AirPlay version is also not an issue. Also these feature require same network and are not relied on AirPlay.

Also noticed it working randomly sometimes on the same device. Sometimes when I open a SmartThings app and tap on TV and wait for about a minute, both the Smart Calibration and Camera Sharing options gets enabled and works fine. But it’s random and should’t take that long to get enabled.

Most likely an iOS bug! Hopefully Samsung fixes it soon.

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