Smartthings TV calibration option missing or incorrect

I am using the latest smartthings app on my iphone
phone and tv are connected to same network

whenever i try to calibrate my tv i go to the smartthings app but the calibration option is missing(missing, not greyed out)

after a week it sudenly appeared and i got 2 options
basic calibration
Professional calibration

i tried the first one which was succesfull
now when i wanted to try again i could only see the basic calibration option, the profesional one is gone.

to make things worse today the calibration option is not showing up at all any more
i noticed that a lot of people experiencing the same

what is so buggy about this that it will not PERMANENTLY/ALWAYS work.

i have a samsung tv and a samsung app, surely these 2 should work together without any problems

before i get the answer that it is because i have an iphone 15 pro which is new
i also tried iphoneXS and got the same results(no calibration option visible)

Iphone 15 pro ios 17.1.2

Report the issue to SmartThings support. Most likely due to the latest iOS app release. To contact Support… tap on Menu in the app and select Contact us.


reported it

really strange that it worked at one time

Same for me. First time pro was an option then only basic. 2nd home so will try again this week. It only worked on iPhone 14 Pro and not 15 pro max.

S92 77” OLED, no sign of Smart Calibration on the SmartThings app on an iPhone 15 Pro Max with the current IOS release. Faster releases of updates are required please - this is an issue with new Samsung phone devices too. Supporting higher end TVs and appliances really is crucial if you’re advertising these features and Samsung wishes to retain credibility.

I just purchased a Samsung S24 phone, no calibration option available. The S10 phone worked fine.

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Having the same here. I have an S24 ultra and S95b 65", smart calibration does not show up in the smart thing app. Thinking of returning the phone. It was a big reason I got it.

Same story with iPhone XS IOS 17.xx and 65QN85c TV