SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.99 (April 27, 2023)

new iOS app update is now available - in order to provide you with better service, some features have been improved in the new version.

502.5 MB

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mine was 508.7 MB :thinking:

Sorry, I should clarify…

my iPad - 502.5 MB
my iPhone - 501.7 MB


Anyone know what Improvments were made

Hmm, I just received an offline device notification for a z-wave device. That’s never happened before for a hub connected device and I didn’t set it up.

Interesting. If this ends up happening for all types I’m gonna need a way to shut the notifications off, lol.

So far ive only had it happen for leak sensors, which is probably a good thing!


And now a lock

Also a major bug where they’ve broken the ability to have multiple custom capability switch controls on a single page. i.e. if there’s a page with multiple custom controls all using a switch on a single page, only one custom control switch works - the rest give an error.

It now adds a unknown placeholder when a device is deleted, like once upon a time.


With these new offline notifications you won’t miss the fact that your internet is not working. When my internet went down last night I got hit was dozens of ST offline notifications. When it came back up I was also hit with dozens of back on-line notifications.

So you are getting “offline” notifications for A zwave or Matter over Thread device if your Internet goes down even though that device itself does not require the Internet and might only be using local routines that don’t require the Internet? :thinking:


yup! Our internet was out for about 12 hours the other day. In addition to the offline notifications for my 2 hubs, I must have received offline notifications for every hub connected device connected to them :confounded:

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Yes, since the hub could not communicate with the cloud, my hub connected devices (Z-Wave, ZigBee, Lan) were reported as offline.

My local automations and things controlled by buttons continued to work, since the hub was functional with a blue light (no internet).

Of course the Mobile App could not control anything without the internet as you have repeatedly pointed out.

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