iOS update for ST app (1.6.7)

Guys, just updated to the latest version right now. Thoughts?

Anybody else installed it? Is sms working for you? I just tested the presence. Push notification worked but no text for me.

Update: rebooted my iPhone and all the texts came pouring in.

Just gave it a spin. Everything seems OK so far – loving the UI update for iPhone 6!

Yes… With smaller fonts… Can see much more now…

Seems WAY faster so far. Is it possible that a lot of the performance issues weren’t cloud based but inefficient coding on the app side??

@ben @tyler @urman

Is there any release notes to go with this?

Looks like you can do a zWave repair and see the log activity from it now too. I don’t recall seeing that before.

Haven’t tried it. Basking in the glory as of now… :wink: definitely can see more now… Just to give an idea on iPhone 6.

From the ST blog…

We’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download in the iTunes store! This new version includes a handful of new features, as well as lots of fixes designed to improve overall performance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

• A series of UI updates to optimize the app for iPhone 6 and 6+

• When a Hub isn’t connected to an account, users will now get an alert on their Dashboard and Things screens

And here are some improvements we’ve made:

• Fixed: Background image sometimes extends too far down left menu

• Fixed: When pairing select devices, the app will say it found a device but it is not a the correct device (displays unknown device)

• Fixed: Privacy Settings > Camera Off: Black screen/no messaging displays when attempting to use camera with camera privacy toggled

• Fixed: SmartSetup briefly flashes on screen before bringing the user to the Dashboard after Smart App configuration.

• Fixed: Left menu top nav does not fill the space to the right

• Fixed: Typo in warning screen if you attempt to add a phone as a mobile presence that is already a mobile presence

• Added: Manager Users: Success notification after inviting additional user

• Fixed: Inconsistent Keyboard behavior during logged out experience.

• Fixed: After first device, Not Yet Configured count doesn’t update after pairing until you exit SmartSetup

• Fixed: Pairing a new device from SmartApp won’t automatically select the paired device

• Fixed: Cropping custom photo for Device/Group photo layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Getting Started Experience layout issues on iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Left Tray: “Currently mode is set to” not updating in realtime with mode changes

• Fixed: Holding and pressing the Shop Now icon causes the app to crash 100% of the time

• Fixed: Hub offline alert view shows multiple times per location

• Fixed: Custom location image does not scale to fill iPhone 6/6+

• Fixed: Z-Wave include mode is not restarted after a device joins

• Increased: Spacing between multiple line event center events

• Fixed: Crasher occurs when you change your password

• Fixed: Close button for group naming popup is in the wrong spot

• Fixed: Dropcam image viewer not working

• Fixed: Recently feed does not fill out entire screen on iPhone 6+


Image on the Hello Home is getting cropped. The image that you have set up for the device at least in my case on iPhone 6. It’s perfect on iPhone 5 (wife’s phone). Would much rather see functional and performance related improvements (I am sure there is).

Look at lights on at sunset… As such the UI looks so much better on iPhone 6. Even on 5’s. Batteries really got some “big” prominence. Check it out on any of the device. :slight_smile:

The dropcam viewer is way improved. You can now scroll through your snapped pics, look at the timestamp, export to other apps such as Email, Messages, .etc. So far, this is a pretty big improvement…

Yes! Finally the image capture has become useful, at least in iOS :smile:

I’ve been running a 5-minute periodic capture test using Foscam device for the past few days and all of sudden I have full access to the hundreds of snapshots. Awesome job, ST!

Where is the repair option in the app? I must be blind as I can’t find it.

Seriously. I want to know too.

Hit the gear icon, then click on your Hub and then ZWave Utilities. I did a repair and after 20 mins I didn’t see any logs and figured it’s not working right…

@Mbhforum, if it’s the same process as on Android devices you’ll only see the start and finish messages, which is pretty much all you see in the IDE.

Anyone experiencing random issues with the proximity sensor and the new app update? Mine is going nuts.

So are we ever going to get names without shaking and dimmer control in the dashboard???

I would like to say that it looks great on my iPhone 6 now and it seems much more responsive .

I also see my foscams are working much better

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We are stuck with shaking as long as Taylor Swifts "shake it " is in top 10 of the charts! :slight_smile:

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Good to see that many bugs were squished! One thing which I think was missing was iOS widgets. Do you guys think its not an inportant feature to have? I would love to see the mode, status of a switch/light just by pulling the Notification Center.

Are you just talking about scrolling through the images on the Foscam devices? Are is there a better interface for it? I would love to have a web interface to see all of those captured images on my devices.

How can you export the images?