Smartthings integration with Ring Alarm

I have a Samsung Connect Home mesh network (which includes Smartthings repeaters at each hub) in my home. I also have quite a few Z-Wave devices spread throughout my house on that network. I recently bought the Ring Alarm, which appears to includes its own Z-Wave hub. I have a few questions with this configuration:

  • I understand that one Z-Wave device can’t be on multiple networks. Can the Z-Wave devices on my existing network still serve as repeaters for the devices on the other network? Does having two “competing” Z-Wave hubs cause interference?

  • I have devices like the First Alert ZCOMBO and Schlage Connect door locks on the current network and have interactions like ITTT configured. I believe these devices are interoperable with the Ring Alarm and can be used to generate fire / intrusion alarms as fully compatible with Ring’s system.

    • If I move these devices over to Ring’s Z-Wave network, do I lose the ability to configure ITTT rules since Ring Alarm currently doesn’t support ITTT (and may never add it.)
    • For example, can I still trigger location-based actions by having the network detect the presence of my smartphone and lock / unlock the door?

No, they have to be joined to the network to repeat for it

It’s not guarantied, it depends on how busy each are and how far away they are from each other… so it is possible.

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I’m looking over all of this and going to give it a shot. My question does this need a local PC or Mac to run on or is it all web based. It looks like you have to install some software.