Ring alarm base station

Can the ring alarm base station be added to smartthings as a z wave device?

Apparently not. It has been reported on multiple forums that because the ring system has a very high level of security it requires a pin at the time of joining and there is no way to send this from smartthings so the ring base station will add as a secondary controller but will not send or accept any Z wave communications…

  1. I could not get the integration to work with SmartThings. My current SmartThings Hub is version 29.08. However, I am able to get Ring to appear as a secondary Z-Wave Controller in SmartThings. The issue appears to be that the Ring Base Station has a required Pin and Security to interact as a Z-Wave Controller and I could find no way to get SmartThings to give it a PIN. The Ring App (again iOS) shows the PIN when in Learn Mode. I looked in graph.smartthings, and did some initial research, but could not find anything on how to get SmartThings to send a PIN to another secondary controller. Basically, right now in Graph.samsung, my Ring Controller shows up as a Z-Wave Controller, but under Data shows networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_FAILED and provides no events. I also expected that as a secondary controller, and device I added, would then show up and show up as dependent on the secondary controller. So I added everything back to the Ring (via Ring sensor setup), but none of the sensors added to Ring are addressable to SmartThings. And vice-a-versa, no SmartThings shows up in Ring. Basically, it looks like the Z-Wave based communication between them don’t work.

You can get partial integration using Alexa routines as an intermediary, but the base station doesn’t show up there as actionable either, only the sensors.

Oh well, I was able to pair the keypad to smartthings.

You can add the end devices to smartthings, but not the base station. But then they won’t work with your base station anymore