SmartThings Hub won't power on in certain outlets

Just got a new SmartThings hub yesterday. Was an Iris user. I am seeing an issue where the Hub won’t power on (no light) when plugged into some outlets in my house. Others it works just fine. I am not using a power strip, plugging directly into the outlet. Anyone else see this issue???

Which model hub? And what country are you in?

Possibly a switched outlet?.. how old is the home?

It used to be a standard to have one side or both sides of a duplex outlet in each room controlled by a switch for table lamps.

Alternatively, perhaps one side of the duplex is bad.

There is no reason it would not work otherwise… with the exception stated by JD.

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As others have said, a switched outlet would be the first thing to check. Perhaps your outlets aren’t getting power because an upstream GFI breaker has tripped. If you have an electrical sniffer that is the first place to look.

If some low current devices work, but others like your hub and lamps do not, I would be concerned that there may be a more dangerous condition such as a floating (disconnected/broken) neutral.

First thing I would do is plug in a lamp (non-LED) and see if those outlets work for it.

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^^^This :thinking:


As others said, you may have a problem with your outlets. But also could it be the jack on your hub not making contact? That may give you the impression that it’s the outlet, when it is the hub not powering on.

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