Smartthings Hub with Hue Motion Sensor http / ifttt

I am fairly new to smartthings and could not find a quick answer to this question:
If I am connection hue motion sensors to the hub, could I use ifttt or - for me even better - an outgoing http command to trigger something else, when motion is detected? Actually I am using another system which runs on 433mhz and could handle a http command for my lights and I cannot find a decent motion detector for this. This is why I would like to use the hue sensors but as far as I could figure out, the hue hub does not support outgoing http commands for sensors. That’s how I came across the smartthings system. Since it is not directly available in my country, I cannot just get it and test it :confused:

Thanks in advance for your help and input!

@JDRoberts thanks for your prompt reply! It’s not that I could not find any information on this topic. My primary concern actually was/is the forwarding of sensor information via http or ifttt (I am also concerned of a lag with the latter), since it is not possible with the hue hub.

I thought about the “dummy” bulb as well, but I would like to use 3-4 sensors and that would be a little uncomfortable :wink: