Smartthings Hub V3 sends a huge amount of DNS queries to resolve this domain ? WHY?

I recently install pi-hole in my LAN and I notice that my hub sends more than 3200 DNS queries in 24h to resolve this domain again and again…

It does not make sense, what the heck keeps doing at this site, and why can’t it cache the IP address?
I went in a browser to this site and it immediately downloads a file, that looks like that:

I really don’t know what is happening. I blocked this site, and everything seems OK.
There is definitely something wrong in the Smartthings way of working

While I do not know why it’s doing it 3200 TIMES. It makes sense that they aren’t caching this particular lookup.

That URL looks to be used to determine if the hub can ‘see’ the SmartThings infrastructure (which may move around) and in normal circumstances that would happen after the hub started (and I wouldn’t want to retain a cached value).

Also most DNS is resolved locally or in a local hop and I’d bet 3200 retries isn’t part of the design. So in normal circumstances come up and immediately ask what the ip for my back end infrastructure is… Makes sense. if this were my code I would do EXACTLY what they’re doing.

Again the 3200 is likely abnormal and should be fixed, But blocking it probably isnt your answer…

What kind of hub?

It!s ST v3