DNS queries from Samsung Connect Home hubs

I have 3 hubs that I have pointed to an internal pi-hole dns server. I’m seeing a ton of DNS queries from these hubs for reverse lookups of Any idea how to get these things to stop?

I’m getting about 1 million of these a day on in DNS server log. It does several per second.

Mar 4 16:15:40 dnsmasq[1441]: query[PTR] from
Mar 4 16:15:40 dnsmasq[1441]: cached is (null)
Mar 4 16:15:40 dnsmasq[1441]: config error is REFUSED

Which hub do you have? Perhaps try restarting the hub?

I have a v2 hub and do not see any of these records in my pihole.

Also here I have 2 connect home pro and 1 connect home, in bridge mode. All do the same thing.

dropped from about a million per 24h to 30.000 something pointing the address (IPv4 and IPv6) to openwrt.lan (the smartthing hub itself). You can query the hub directly at port 53 to see if it resolve the domain openwrt.lan to