SmartThings hub v2 keeps uploading data to (Amazon AWS address)

My network firewall is reporting that SmartThings keeps uploading data every 4-5 hours to (an Amazon AWS address)

It’s not a lot of data, around 1-3 MB, but I wanted to check if others are seeing this and if this is normal behavior?

My firewall is flagging this as abnormal upload behavior so I just want to know if I should exclude this from the firewall checks. It’s a bit suspicious because there are separate connections to * using DNS but for some reason this is a direct IP connection to a specific IP address that doesn’t seem to go through DNS.

Looking further at the firewall logs, SmartThings seems to be connecting to this address every 5 minutes.

I would exclude it. Most large companies use AWS.

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I wonder if this is the periodic backup that’s now being taken to support the Hub Replace function?


I tried blocking which resulted in the SmartThings hub switching to using for those calls. It turns out that this resolves to the same IP address so mystery solved! These are legit calls but SmartThings is using AWS. The firewall needs to be configured to ignore traffic to that address.