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SmartThings Hub v3 Couldn't add device A network or server error occurred. Try again later

(Kristafer) #1

I’m having trouble connecting to my SmartThings Hub v3.
I’ve tried all the normal procedures:
Connect the Hub to power.
Connect the Hub’s ethernet cable to the cable modem / switch.
Wait for the lights to flash red and green.

Open the Smart Things app (Not the classic)
Tap Add Device.
Tap Add Device Manually.
Tap Wi-Fi/Hub
Tap "SmartThings Hub (IM6001-V3P) (matches the model number on the back of the Hub)
Tap “Ethernet” (I’ve tried both Ethernet and WiFi here)
Tap Home (that’s the only location I’ve added to the App)
Tap Next

The “Processing…” modal window pops up.
After a little while
The Error Modal pops up and says:
“Coudn’t add device
A network or server error occurred. Try again later.”

I’ve been trying every combination of the above I can think of for 3 days now. Nothing works.

What I’ve tried:

The Online support docs suggested trying it both with the ethernet cable as well as with wifi.
Tired every combination of that.

Tried connecting the ethernet cable directly to my cable modem / router from xfinity.
Tried connecting the ethernet cable to the Ruckus switch that is also what powers the Ruckus R510 AP’s.
Tried connecting the ethernet cable to a gigibit switch I use to connect my work computer to the switch directly.
Tried connecting via wifi
no change.

The docs also suggest to factory reset.
So I tried that as well:
Inserted paper clip into little hole
Waited for the light to blink yellow
Waited more until the light showed solid yellow
Took the paper clip out.
The Hub started up.
The light turned Blue
Then it blinked magenta for a minute
Then it starts blinking Red / Green
It continues to Blink Red / Green.

Tried connecting in the app again after the reset and the lights are blinking red / green.

No Change!

Can ANYONE suggest ANYTHING else to try? This is not the first trouble I’ve had with Samsung smart things in this BRAND NEW HOME and it’s really making me second guess if Samsung is indeed ready for the IOT or if it’s just rushed to market with crap devices.


(Jimmy) #2

You’re probably going to have to call support for this one

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(Kristafer) #3

Yeah I did, after wasting 1 hour of my time retrying everything the support website says to try, they were unable to diagnose the problems and opened a support ticket. They said a tech would get back to me in 4 days… I’m thinking of switching this samsung equipment out for some that actually works.



Hey, I’m having the exact same issue. This is actually my second set of smart thing hubs as well as I figured it was a device issue and had them replaced under warranty, but seems back end related. Did you get anywhere with support?



Just a heads up, I was able to rectify this issue by turning down the firewall hardening on my ISP provided router/modem (Hitron).