SmartThings hub v2 killing internet

Hey guys I need some help.

I’ve had a v2 for a few years now and about a year ago I began having horrible internet issues. It was resolved by unplugging the v2. So I lived like that until yesterday I figured ok I have all new equipment now because I changed it all before unplugging the v2 so maybe I should try the hub again. I connected it and was good for about an hour then my bandwidth just dies.
This morning I unplugged it and reboot my equipment and all day my internet was normal again. Just plugged it in again and boom. No internet.

Anyone ever experience this and know how to resolve?
It’s currently unplugged so I can post this message. And that is going to be an issue with support because I have to have internet in order to use my phone or anything so not sure how to work with them to debug except they give me ideas to try and I report back via email or here.

I should also add it hasn’t been connected for a year at least so I’m sure firmware updates are needed. But not sure how to get them if it kills my internet when I plug it in.

You have replaced the Ethernet cable? Any devices on your network like raspberry pi, etc?

Hub firmware is 000.024.00020 according to my app and date was 1/30/19 so I’m assuming that is what the current firmware is.

Amazingly I have not tried replacing the cable lol. I will do that now and report back

Yes, 24.20 is the latest

Replaced the eth cable and then reboot my router and everything is working. :joy: hopefully that is the end of that headache lol.

That man! If it dies I will report back