SmartThings Hub v2 bricked?

I installed an Edge driver today, added a virtual device. Once deleting it, my hub and all its devices immediately disappeared from my app and hub no longer showed in IDE. I checked the hub and its now alternating solid blue and green lights. I have tried soft and hard reset but it always ends up alternating blue and green solid lights.

Any ideas?

power it off for several minutes and remove the batteries if you are using them. power it back up without the batteries.

Note to other users: sorry this might sound cruel but PLEASE do not hard reset your hubs. OK, I said it… got it off my chest. Instead - post for assistance from other community members on the forum in regards to any problems and definitely contact ST support before doing anything so drastic. Otherwise, you are probably creating more of a hassle for yourselves. :slight_smile:

do you know how many Edge drivers you have installed (had since you performed a hard reset) on your hub? in the ST app, open the hub, click three dots and select Driver.

I just installed one. The hub no longer shows in my ST app. It immediately disappeared once I deleted a virtual switch I had created, and the hub started alternating from solid blue to solid green. The only other thing I can think of is that because it had been so long since I used the account, Samsung asked me to put in my Region and I changed it from US to UK (as I just moved) - potentially the device is region locked and the Edge driver triggered the lock?

unplugged and left for 10 minutes, plugged back in. Same solid blue/green alternating!

let’s verify we are on the same page in regards to terminology. You mentioned you performed soft and hard resets.

  • soft reset is powering it down, pressing the reset button and reconnecting the power cord and waiting until the led changes to yellow. This wipes out the network settings on the hub but your devices/hub will not be affected.
  • hard reboot is the same except you hold the reset button on the hub past the yellow light. This procedure wipes the hub completely and removes it from the app (thus my saying check the edge driver count would be wrong :slight_smile: )and you would be forced to start from scratch.

so just checking that is what you meant by soft and hard resets?

I powered down, removed batteries, held in reset button, plugged in power, light blinked for 30 seconds and then went to solid yellow, I kept it held in for around 10 seconds and then released the button.

The device went through a few cycles of flashing pink, blue and then returned to solid green/blue lights.

The hub was removed from the app & IDE before I did any resets at all!

Blinking Blue: There is no Ethernet or WiFi connection.
Blinking Green: Hub is in pair mode (searching for device)
Fast Blinking Green: Hub is in Z-Wave exclusion mode
Alternating Green and Red: Hub is ready to be claimed (with or without internet),
Solid Blue: Hub is claimed and connected to the network, but has no internet or server connection.
Solid Green: Hub is claimed and connected.

You would expect and hope to see Alternating Green and Red so you can claim the hub.

so, try rebooting your router.

There was a hub firmware update yesterday. :thinking:

Rebooting your router is fine, but personally, I wouldn’t do anything else with the hub or the account right now. I would report it to support and let them look at it.

If the firmware update failed part way, it’s much easier for them to fix it and much more likely that you will brick it if you interrupt the process. They can see things from their side that we as ordinary customers cannot.

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Rebooted router and still have the same behavior (25-50seconds solid blue and then 25-50seconds solid green)

I have e-mailed support, but according to their response they are taking longer than usual to reply. So thought maybe someone had some wisdom on here!

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Solid green is a hopeful sign. In the ST app, look in No Rooms assigned. In IDE, go to my locations and click tap on your location name and then check in my hubs. Consider switching to browser api.

Wait and see what support says.

No hub shows in IDE. Where is no rooms assigned in the app?

in the ST app, go to the Devices section and tap on the home icon in the upper left. doubt it will show there.

It just shows me rooms and all devices! I’ll wait on support :frowning:

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Sometimes the IDE will show “no hubs”, but if you open the “Locations” section, then click on your hub’s location, it will show it. Have you done that?

Yes, unfortunately nothing there