Did we stop battery backup ? Killing batteries


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Okay my hub is plugged into a UPS, so it is NEVER on its own batteries. I was rearranging cords a couple weeks ago and noticed hub batteries were dead. So I put in 4 new batteries and plugged it back into the UPS.
Tonight I had to pair a lock, which means going mobile with the hub. I grabbed my 50’ cat6 cable unplug the hub from UPS and it dies. " Hmm batteries dead already ?!?!?!? ". I open up the hub and the batteries are HOT. So I take out the now dead batteries I just put in a couple weeks ago and grab 4 more brand new batteries put them in the hub and it won’t power on.
So I end up grabbing an extension cord along with my Cat6 cable to get the hub within the required 4’ of the door.
1 Why is the hub chewing up batteries when it is plugged into uninterruptible AC power ?
2 Why won’t the hub come on even with brand new batteries in it ?

Smartthings Hub v2 battery drain issue - isolated defect?
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Since the batteries are hot, draining really fast, and won’t bit with them in… You need to contact support.

You’ve got a hardware problem.

Batteries should never get hot, unless under severe strain of use, and the hub doesn’t even come close

Good luck, but I believe your hub is jumping off a cliff.

On a side note - a device that has battery backup, but stays plugged into ac, should NOT be kept running with batteries in it. It is bad for the batteries and bad for the device.

And for this reason, I just keep a pair of batteries next to my hub, in case I ever need them.


One small point of clarification, which is probably what you meant, but I just wanted to mention it …

There are many devices which are specifically designed to have both a battery installed and AC power so that the battery will immediately kick in if needed.

Many modern alarm clocks have this, as well as many Internet routers, phone systems, many security systems, even my medical monitoring system does this.

Sony makes a nice alarm clock of this type:


The point is, though, that the device should not draw power from both the mains and the battery at the same time. Instead, it should be engineered to be capable of knowing that the battery is needed when the mains power is not available.

But of course as you mentioned if the batteries are getting hot, something is really wrong. :flushed:

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@jdroberts you are correct on every point. It’s just the old aviation electronics tech in me that just doesn’t let me put batteries in things…

Have you ever seen what battery acid does to Ann electronics bay? Or worse, an airframe? I even take the batteries out of my flashlights until I need them!

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After about 2 hours the batteries were up to about 140*. No need for them to be in there with it plugged into a UPS. anyways. If the power is off long enough for UPS to die and generator is not on. ST will be the least of my worries LOL

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My hub is plugged into a 5vdc constant source and it also blows the batteries in about 30 days. Also they are hot when removed. Unfortunately it takes the hub offline when the batteries go dead. Battery backup is a great idea if it is implemented correctly but Samsung missed the boat. They should at least leave the hub online and tell you the batteries are dead.

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That’s why I just did away with the internal batteries and went with UPS.

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I don’t worry about either of those. The last time I lost power I went and bought a new generator (the ex got my big generator). I get home, drag it out of the crate, add the finishing touches, fill it with gas, add start it up. I run all of my power cords to the important stuff (by now the power had been down about 8 hours) and start heading toward the graveyard with the plug. I get literally 6 inches from the generator and all of the power comes back on.

I have had so much as a brown out since… It’s been four years. Still got that generator and it’s its doing its job. Haven’t lost power and that just sits there doing nothing… FM I say… FM

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UPS with Surge protection is for piece of mind. It solves that issue of everything resetting when those 2 second power burbs that are just long enough to reset every clock and piece of electronics in the house. I had to wire house for emergency back-up generator when the FIL was still with us and needed his life sustaining equipment.