SmartThings Hub v2 $64 at SmartThings Shop w/Free shipping


SmartThings Hub v2 $64 at SmartThings Shop w/Free shipping
Enter code “Welcome10” (without the quotes) for an additional $10 off the sale price of $74 until 10/29

Not sure to understand which devices need a ST Hub or not

Good price until in a month or two they decide to come out with V3 with no easy way for V1 or V2 to merge with it.


That’s technology for you, of course we’re still waiting for the Bluetooth radio to be turned on.

(Hemanshu Patel) #4

Yeah, I’m not buying any V3 unless I ‘know’ Bluetooth and local processing is working.


Of course, I just bought this on Amazon yesterday for $75 (comes tomorrow). I wonder if Amazon will price match after discounts and codes?


Sorry for the “buyer’s remorse”, I know how you feel. I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask Amazon. Sometimes they will match. The good thing is that you’re getting that “expedited shipping” that Amazon offers if you have Prime…


When it gets down to $50 I might let go of my v1 hub :slight_smile:

(Marc) #8

They would have to pay me $64 to junk my v1 hub and migrate all of my devices without a good tool. :slight_smile:

(Jimmy) #9

You know what helps a system already struggling with high load issues? More users brought on by a sale! :rage: