SmartThings hub on sale $49 (US)

Just saw this posted on Slickdeals. SmartThings hub for $49.


Just bought mine on amazon this morning for $49, came here to post the same thing :slight_smile:

I just bought mine a few days ago for 100 bucks…

Hmm so tempting to start moving over from V1 but also nervous that v3 might be around the corner LOL, what to do.

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V3 is already out, the Samsung Connect ( or whatever they’re calling it ) mesh Wi-Fi system with built in ST.

My advice of. All is. Working on v1, wait moving hub is not joke. Migration is painful, do this once to v3. Unless the Migration process changes, it is not worth the headache, plus v3, is very likely to have low power Bluetooth enabled now that the standard has been ratified

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Love your optimism!

My “optimism” is a little different: I’m pretty sure that V2’s Bluetooth chip / hardware is firmware upgradeable, and likely sufficient to meet the BLE standards. So… V3 isn’t the magic step for Bluetooth integration to SmartThings; I think.