Smartthings Hub V2 Amazon $75 prime New

Everyone here probably already has one, but if you’re looking for a second location, $75 is the lowest price camelcamelcamel has seen for the v2 hub from Amazon direct with free prime shipping. There are a few bundles too but they don’t look very good, at least based on the things I’m looking to pick up. I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing some more black friday deals better than this- maybe… (affiliate link?)

Will there be a 3rd generation released soon? Since they are on sale.

They have been " giving them away" for the past month or so with pre-order of new Echo. Giving away Echo with ST, depending on how you want to look at it.

Probably will announce a 3rd gen that actually has real local control… :slight_smile:

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That’s it, if you are going to dream, DREAM BIG :sleeping:


Will the V3 with Bluetooth actually have BLUETOOTH that does something?

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If you upgrade will there be a way to migrate? What do you guys do with your old hub?

…although, if they were going to release an upgraded model, I’d expect they would have wanted to do it now or really soon, so that it would be available for the holiday shopping season. It’s poor form to release the product in January just after every schmuck bought the old model at full price for Christmas (remember when Apple did that with Macworld January every year!?)…

It would be pretty cool if they worked some kind of way to convert the V1 (or V2) hub into a Zigbee/Z-Wave repeater. Then, you could plug it in on the other side of your house and really boost the networks up.

I have seen Amazon do this before to stay in price line when ST offers a sale - ST just posted “sale”

I wish I hadn’t bought my Smartthings kit last week. It’s $38 cheaper on Amazon now. That is an additional sensor.

Are you talking about the “Home monitoring kit” with the two open/close sensor, motion sensor, and outlet?

It’s $199, but that’s the same price it was through the holiday season last year, so not necessarily an all-time low. Given the hub price drop, I’d expect that they might do 20% off and we might see it for $160-175 before Christmas?

There are some credit cards (if you used CC instead of debit for purchase) that will refund the difference in pricing if within a certain window…