SMartThings Hub Reporting Incorrect Status

Coincidental with migration to the new app, my hub is reporting all of my devices as offline to both the new app and to my Alexa device. I can still control the devices, turn lights on/off, etc. but Alexa tells me it cannot access the device. I have 6 ZWave and one Zigbee device. I did power down the hub and restarted and it had no effect. I have a model STH-ETH-250 hub.

What region are you located? If UK or Europe, there appears to be an issue…

I’m seeing this same thing. I am in the US, with a V2 hub. This started for me yesterday - everything shows as offline, including the hub, but I can go into each device in either the old or new app and still actuate it, and it does what I told it to.

My problem has been corrected. Thanks