SmartThings Hub Offline/Online Cycling Problem

Wow, I’m not sure what to think about this product. I’m really wishing I had the option to disassociate with the ST servers and roll my own server or host solutions. Anyways, the issue at hand recently has been the ST Hub sending push notifications to the connected phones about the ST going offline/online. This seems to cycle every 15-30 minutes at all times of the day and night, annoying the hell out of me trying to sleep or otherwise. (ST app ignores quite modes on the phone?)

The network itself is fine, I have plenty of other metrics to know it’s healthy. New network cables to all routed equipment including the hub, and it’s not being moved or bothered to cause the disconnects.

So, is there a way to tell the ST cloud to not send push notifications?
Any concurrent issues that are happening to other users with this problem?
Who else is ready to hit the solder desk and get a kick starter to produce a reliable Zwave controller?

I experienced the exact same issues last night, where I got over a dozen push notifications that the ST hub is offline or online through the entire night. I still have no idea why it’s doing this and I’m trying to get through to Smart Things support (whenever that might happen) to see why this is happening.

I’ve rebooted the hub (took batteries out and unplugged it for about 40 minutes) this morning and since that was done, I haven’t had any issues, but it seems like an unreasonable step one has to take to make the hub perform its intended function.

Yeah I rebooted the system by pressing the pen reset till the front lights blink red. I haven’t read the user manual but I’m guessing that’s a reset process without taking batteries out. It will then push a message that it’s back online and will remain so for a day usually.

If there was a ST developer that wonders around this post, it would be nice to have additional data posted to logs. For example when the ping update fails, what IP is it pinging? What local address does the ST cloud believe the device to be at? Perhaps we wait until three failed pings (90 seconds I think) before flagging a system down? Should the ST hub push a ping to the server if it has not heard from the cloud in 60 seconds, forcing an update on the expected IP address? Check the schedule and initiate a reboot after 5 minutes if nothing is set to fire?

You could try and fix the issue if known, or make the device self healing. I’m sure the best strategy would be a compromise of the two.