SmartThings Hub in stock - Currys Solihull

Walked into Curry’s Solihull and found by surprise that they had hubs in stock.

I purchased one (and cancelled my Amazon order) a couple still on the shelf.

Hope this may help somebody


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Most Currys Megastores should range it.
If you go to the ST product page on their website there’s a box on the right hand side, you can type a location and select “collect in store” and it’ll tell you where has it - it only shows three stores so just keep typing in local locations.

Deliver To Store means it’s not in stock, but it can be sent there for you.
Collect Now means it’s in stock and can be reserved for collection.

Even if the website says it’s in stock I would still phone to check. From experience the stock levels are not exactly accurate. I have been a couple of times for items that are showing as in stock - only to get to store and find they don’t have any !

No, they can’t find the ones they have :wink:
The stock levels on the website are derived from store stock levels on the tilling system, so if there’s a discrepancy it can only really mean that someone has stolen one - and I believe hubs and starter kits are empty box.

What usually happens is they have an empty box, you buy it, they can’t find the box contents in the warehouse (as it’s now just in an unmarked box) and they tell you it’s not in stock.

Always use Collect options though, don’t just check stock and drive over as it doesn’t reserve it for you. Collecting does.

I’ve never known the Curry’s stock levels on the website to be even remotely accurate.

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Totally agree. I have been to store several times when they show stock only to find they dont have the item. A couple of times i was told ‘it must have been stolen.’

Not sure what to say. The stock level is automatic from the back end, not manual, and I’ve never had a problem.
You should tweet DixonsCarphone each time it happens, I’m sure they’d love to know a store is having stock loss problems.

Some SmartThings Starter Kits are currently showing as ‘in stock’ on if anyone is after one.

Only showing as 5 left in stock, so probably won’t last long.

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