SmartThings hub disconnects and reconnects multiple times daily (Feb 2019)

No impact other than 5-6 app notifications per day. Started about a week ago after months of it not happening. I have 2 hubs, the ADT SmartThings hub and a V1. ADT is wifi, V1 is wired. The V1 is the one that disconnects.

I’ve rebooted the hub several times and even prioritized traffic for it on my switch. No results.

I have a similar hub disconnect/reconnect issue. I have a v3 hub, with software 1.7.21-25, and firmware 000.024.00022

I have a v1 (original kickstarter model). Lately it has the blue light more than not; it barely functions. I was going to upgrade to the v3 but seeing that @servant74 is also having issues, it gives me pause… I’ve reached out to support a few days ago but no reply…

The V3 has a wifi or ethernet option. I unplugged it from power, and moved it to where I have an ethernet connection, plugged in the ethernet cable then power. This seems to ‘solve’ the disconnect/reconnect issue. Z

When I purchased the V3 I hoped it would also support wifi-connected devices, in addition to thme ZigBee and Z-Wave devices. Sofar, no-joy, but I am still a rookie at all-things HA. (home automation)

I have a V1, it’s always plugged into ethernet…still no fix

Smartthings support is a joke. I’ve sent several emails through the app and no response. I call the support line and the robot says they’re too busy and hangs up. Customer service is easy if you don’t talk to customers! Who has successfully moved to another platform? I’ve been with Smarthings since the beginning and its really gone down hill.

If it was a little more ‘user friendly’, Home Assistant is looking bettier all the time.

In the past two days, I recieved 2 separate email from different people in Support! Hopefully they are back from a winter break and ready to get back to work! I am sure they have quite a backlog…

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Also annoying disconnects here for last few days.