Smartthings hub Connecting-disconnecting

My smart things hub has been connecting/disconnecting from the internet for the last 2 days. Everything else I have connected that I can see has no issues. then when connected, I cannot get into device details within the app. I have cycled power once, but I am guessing I need to do it again? any other tricks?

Which hub? If v2, remember to remove the batteries before you power it down… and let it stay off for a few minutes. Try replacing ethernet cable and plugging into a different port on switch/router but doubt that will resolve the issue.

Also, contact ST support and let them investigate.

it nothing else on your connection is flipping out then most likely its a backend server issue.

yes v2… I will power it down and let it sit for a few and reboot… weird how it just starting on its own. Most other things I have don’t see to be having issues, but will check out what was suggested

As for the device details… make sure you have the latest version of the app. What helps for me, if you have problems loading details for a device, go open another device and see if it loads, then return to the device you had difficulty loading. The app is buggy.

I turned off my phones notifications as it was driving me crazy… I did email support, sent them what they asked for but have not heard back yet but it is still connecting and disconnecting…

Change the ethernet cable. If you’re connected via WiFi try connecting via Ethernet and that solves the issue 99% of the times.

Changing Ethernet cable did not fix it

been a week with very slow response from Support… still broken…

Happening here also.

Mine is fixed… they got back to me and said the Unit was losing its IP… turns out the router I changed to an AP with switch, was dying, swapped it out and all is good again.

It was the only item I had with issues on that device