Smartthings hub connected devices very unstable

Within the last month i realized the response times for zigbee hub connected devices had been very much delayed, sometimes as long as 30 mins. This had resulted in my network becoming very unstable for normal everyday functions and automations.

Lights and plugs seldom do not respond when triggered or respond long after. I have to restart my hub daily. Can anyone recommend how to resolve?

Hub: Smartthings V3
Lights: Sengled
Plugs: Sengled, Smartthings
Button: Smartthings
Motion sensor: Smartthings
First Alert Smoke alarms.

Edge drivers Smartthings and Mariano’s drivers.

Hub linked services: TP-LINK Kasa, Smart life, tuya, meross.

just curious… how many Edge drivers are installed on your hub?

is zigbee secure mode enabled or disabled?

this thread may be of interest:

I check 29 drivers. Some i didnt install like wemo, bose and a few.

Zigbee secure mode is off

I have the same issue, but a restart of the hub is not needed. I thought it helped as well, but noticed it does not matter, the hub clears itself and works again perfectly at times. It’s just very random to where things work and where it’s not working.

I am also using mariano’s drivers though…lot of devices using his driver.

I have a lot of drivers installed, but not using all of them.

Maybe @Mariano_Colmenarejo knows something? Maybe his drivers/devices that cause this since a smartthings update? If yes, its worth tagging some smartthings staff members to resolve this ASAP, if more people have this issue with his drivers installed. (Since the person in this thread and myself have his drivers)

I made a big logcat logbook, see the thread linked, and will investigate into it later today to see if i can find anything odd in there that could explain things.

You should definitely remove the Edge drivers that have OLD in them. They are out-of-date and no longer maintained. You already have the newer versions so remove the old. :grin:

Are they causing issues if they are not being used?

You are probably having a memory issue, l used to have 203 devices yesterday I deleted 4 Aqara FP1’s and a Sonoff MiniZB and all of my battery operated zigbee devices reconnected and have not dropped offline since. I onboarded the FP1’s but could not get all of them connected only 2, if I try to add the third I get a low memory message. So my current device count is 198 from API+ browser. I also had to delete the 3 drivers Wemo, Bose , and Smartthings Audio drivers in order to get the second FP1 to connect . With them showing in the driver list I would get the low memory warning.

Drivers you are not using caused issues? Weird…?
I also habe fp1’s, but im pretty sure i had the issues before i connected them… but something to try for sure!

Yes. There are several threads on hub memory issues/errors related to the number of drivers installed. You can search “hub memory issue”.

Unfortunately tomorrow they will be back again!